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Job Shack Holding Tanks

Job Shack Holding Tanks
  • Add waste holding capacity in portable situations.
  • Low profile design allows tanks to slide under trailers.
  • Tanks may be hooked in a series to increase volume.
Name Capacity Size Part Number
250 Gallon Job Shack Holding Tank 250 Gallons 84"L x 40"W x 17"H QI-1650
250 Gallon Holding Tank 250 Gallons 72"L x 48"W x 18"H PJ-HT01-0250
300 Gallon Above Ground Holding Tank 300 Gallons 95"L x 56"W x 16"H A-LP0300-HT
300 Gallon Utility Holding Tank 300 Gallon 95"L x 56"W x 16"H N-44233
300 Gallon Holding Tank 300 Gallons 95"L x 53.5"W x 16"H PJ-HT01-0300
350 Gallon Above Ground Job Shack Holding Tank 350 Gallons 88"L x 44"W x 25"H QI-1661
500 Gallon Utility Holding Tank 500 Gallon 130" L x 52" W x 23" H N-44643