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50 years of manufacturing engineered tanks and containers for all your Liquid and Dry material handling requirements. With nearly 50 years of Manufacturing Experience, Snyder Industries, Inc. has grown to become the recognized leader in the design and manufacturing of bulk storage, processing and transportation tank systems. Our Engineered Bulk Container solutions incorporate polyethylene and steel tank constructions produced using state-of-the-art technologies. Snyder Tanks (Poly and Steel Tanks) are available in a full range of corrosion resistant, poly and steel tank .designs to serve a variety of industries.
Norwesco, Inc. is North America's leading manufacturer of proprietary rotationally molded polyethylene tanks for agricultural, water, closed-top industrial and below ground septic and cistern applications. Norwesco was founded in 1939 in St. Paul, Minnesota under the name of Northwest Plastics, Inc. The name was changed in 1973 and at that time Norwesco was ranked as one of the oldest and largest plastic processors in the United States. During the last ten years we have significantly expanded our geographic presence through the addition of facilities throughout the United States and Canada. We currently operate 16 plants and are the fourth largest rotational molder in North America.
Den Hartog Industries, Inc. is a plastics manufacturer located in Hospers, Iowa and offers services from conception and design through production, customer service, quality assurance, and delivery for the agricultural, industrial, OEM, and marine industries. Known for its spirit of innovation, focus on the customer, and product quality that exceeds industry standards and expectations, Den Hartog Industries can provide products for all your plastic and metal manufacturing needs.
Not your average equipment manufacturer. We have decades of experience in every department of our company who all participate in making your purchase a pleasant experience. We pride ourselves on our craftsmanship, and where most manufacturers focus on mass production and profit, PBM focuses on delivering an excellent product that will last at a reasonable price. Our sprayers and tank trailers are built with the best quality components to make certain downtime is minimal and parts are readily available. PBM has built spray equipment, tank trailers and pretty much any piece of equipment that the inquiring client has requested for many years. This eventually developed into a line of interchangeable components with a wide variety of options, allowing nearly all of the equipment we offer to be modified to meet most any application. In fact, there are so many options and even options within options, that it would boggle the mind.
Banjo Corporation specializes in injection molding of glass reinforced polypropylene with an excellent reputation for high quality. Key properties of glass reinforced polypropylene include excellent chemical and corrosion resistance, rigidity, lightweight, stress cracking resistance, low moisture absorption, and good impact resistance. Banjo prides itself with innovative designs, skillful engineering and precise manufacturing.
At TeeJet Technologies our single focus is on application technology. Our company and our products have been part of agricultural applications since the first crop protection products came onto the market in the 1940's. Our control systems date back to some of the earliest in-field uses of electronics in agriculture. This experience in the fields of spraying, fertilizing, and seeding means nobody is better suited to provide quality products and technical solutions for your business.
Hypro's reputation for quality spray pumps began in 1947. Nearly 60 years later, Hypro pumps remain in high demand throughout the world. Our product line includes roller, centrifugal, diaphragm, turbine, piston, plunger, gear and impeller pumps as well as spray tips, nozzles and accessories used in the agricultural, firefighting, pressure cleaning, marine and industrial equipment industries.
Schaben Industries is one of the largest liquid handling chemical application equipment distributors in the United States. It was founded in 1986 in Columbus, Nebraska and has grown to three locations - Columbus, Nebraska, Newton, Kansas and Bakersfield, California. Schaben Industries manufactures a complete line of sprayers ranging from hydraulic folding, pull-type sprayers to the finest assortment of commercial grade lawn and garden sprayers. In addition, many types of skid mounted and pest control sprayers are available. We also manufacture one of the best selling liquid nurse trailers in the nation.
Smucker Manufacturing is located in Harrisburg, Oregon. We have been manufacturing and distributing agricultural equipment since 1983. All of our products have been developed and tested by farmers. Innovative ideas, and practical solutions to the needs of farmers, have driven our company and helped establish a reputable name in the industry. Willard Smucker and Walter Kropf were grass seed growers in the Willamette Valley that were looking for a better method of weed control and foam marking. The Super Sponge Weed Wiper and the FieldMark Foam Marker were our first products and today they are used around the world to help applicators save money by being more accurate and wiping out taller growing weeds. Today, we offer a diversified range of products through dealers, distributors, and OEM's around the globe.
Water pumping windmills, the originator of the modern high capacity wind powered agricultural pump. Used in irrigation, agricultural drainage, farm and ranch water supply, domestic and community water supply, fill ponds, lakes and reservoirs. All IRON MAN Windmills use a steel multi-bladed wind wheel with capability of lifting large amounts of water of short elevations.